Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Obtain a Refund If You've been Scammed by Thrive or Their Affiliates

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How to Obtain A Refund

1. Gather together all your documents, contracts, names, addresses of people and companies you have had contact with.

2. Put your story in a letter form - "To Whom It May Concern". Be honest when stating what happened.

3. Send certified letters to the company that sold you the package. Next letter goes to Thrive Learning Institute.

4. Contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. This one may give you problems. CC do not like to do charge backs. Request a fraud report from the credit card company. Also file fraud reports with Equifax and the two other credit report companies.

5. File complaints with the FTC, FBI, IC3, Utah Attorney General, Utah Consumer Protection, Your own State Attorney General, Utah Chamber of Commerce, BBB (online), tell your story on as many forums as you can, and start a blog.

**Your best bet is filing with the Department of Consumer Protection.

** Don't bother filing with Ripoff Reports because they do not show all the complaints.

** BBB is not much help. But at least you can keep TLI ratings down. As of Dec 2009 - they are a C+. with 38 complaints in 36 months! 37 supposedly resolved. If you do not respond - BBB will list the complaint as resolved. So DO NOT give it up.

** Internet Income Solutions rating as of Dec 2009 is still an F. Need I say more?

Keep filing complaints everywhere you can and keep sending those letters! Do not take anything less than your full refund!

File Complaints at these Forums!

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